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The following are the General Terms and Conditions of Charter that apply to all parties included on the Charter. Offshore fishing has inherent risks and by following these guidelines, we are attempting to minimize any potential of injury or loss. These rules protect passengers, boat, equipment, and crew.

-- The charter is operated under the sole authority of the Captain. The Captain can cancel the charter at anytime if in his sole discretion there is a situation that can cause injury or death to the passengers or crew.
-- Six people is the maximum allowed by the United States Coast Guard.
-- The Captain will review Emergency procedures prior to leaving the dock. It is expected that all passengers pay close attention and ask questions if they are unsure of any instruction.
-- No illegal substances or firearms are permitted on board. The charter will terminate and will return to port with no refund if any are discovered underway.
-- Areas off limits are the engine room, bow or side rails underway. It is also expected that all equipment used in navigation and communication not be touched by the party. 
-- No liquor or glass bottles are allowed on board. We want this to be a fun experience but reserve the right to terminate the charter if in the sole opinion of the Captain, any person intoxicated to the point of personal harm will cause the boat to return to port. 
-- We will instruct you where to put food and beverages that you have brought on board. We ask that you treat the galley area as your home and keep it clean. Stowing articles after use is mandatory.
-- No food or beverages will provided. In addition, other than first aid no medicines will be administered. If you believe you can be seasick, you are responsible for your medication and when prior to the trip it should be administered. If you do feel seasick, do not go below, it is much more comfortable above deck. Any return to port due to seasickness will not qualify for a refund. 
-- The charter party will be responsible for any damage or loss to equipment or the vessel if in the sole discretion of the Captain the party is at fault. This includes but not limited to loss of fishing gear, burn marks on the deck, tears in the leather seats, ect. 
-- Smoking is only permitted in the outside cockpit (fishing area) of the vessel. No trash, garbage, or cigarette butts are to be thrown in the ocean. 
-- You are expected to be on time for your charter. If after one hour late, the charter will be terminated without refund unless prior notification and agreement is reached. There is significant preparation by the crew prior to the charter so it is expected that your party be on time. 
-- We like catching fish as much, if not more, than you do but there is no guarantee that fish will be caught. We will make every effort to locate and catch fish but on some odd days that doesn't happen. We trust that even on that odd day, your offshore experience will still be fun and pleasurable. 
-- Cancellation due to weather or mechanical problems will be rebooked for another date or a refund issued. Once fishing has started, if weather causes a return to port, no refund will be issued if the party originally agreed to leave the dock.
-- The charter must be paid in full prior to leaving the dock.
-- USCG requires all children under 12 to wear a PFD (life jacket) when not in boat cabin.
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